Winning Bird
No. 18024
Series Racer Mini 4WD
Chassis(s) Type-3 Chassis

VS Chassis (21st Century Edition)

Release Date 1989
The Winning Bird (ウイニングバード) is a Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya. It comes with the choice of larger rollers in additions to the standard, small rollers.

It is featured in the manga Mini 4WD Top as Toppu Kudo's upgraded machine from his Rising Bird.

General Info

Unlike its predecessor, the Winning Bird have more blockly body design and is dominated by silver and blue color, with black and red trims on it. It also lost the rear wings, and in its place are the pair of fins that compenses the lacks of rear wings. Unlike Rising Bird, the chassis is now molded in black.

The design, according to the manga Mini 4WD Top, is what it become after Toppu being inspired by the Formula 1's body design. While the boxart depicts the Winning Bird equipped with the standard rollers, the actually assembled mini car can be equipped with the larger rollers as seen in the manga, depends on user's choice.

In 2015, Tamiya releases the 21st Century Edition of the Winning Bird which has different color schemes and different chassis (VS Chassis), and it was the limited prize car.

Technical Info

Length: 127 mm

Width: 92 mm (With large rollers)

Height: 45 mm

Chassis: Type-3 Chassis, VS Chassis (21st Century Edition)

Gear set(s): 5:1 and 6.4:1 (Original), 4:1 (21st Century Edtion)



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