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This article is about a fictional Mini 4WD car. Remove this notice if the car has a Mini 4WD kit released by Tamiya​.

The Winning Bird Formula (Japanese: ウイニングバード フォーミュラー, Uiningu Bādo Fōmyurā) is a fictional Mini 4WD car that appear in Mini 4 Top.

A parts-swapped version of the Winning Bird, it was owns by Toppu Kudo in the series.

General info

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The WInning Bird Formula is a parts-swapped version of Toppu's Winning Bird, replaced the normal plastic bodyshell with the PET-made bodyshell.

The Formula sports the red body color with yellow highlights and black trims. It has the car number 02-F.

As it is a parts-swapped version of the Winning Bird, other aspects were the same as Winning Bird.

In the manga

In Top 3, Top 4 and Top 6 of the manga story, Toppu made a PET bodyshell based on his Winning Bird. There are times where he swaps the normal bodyshell with the Formula bodyshell throughout the story.

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