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The Winning Bird Formula Clear Body Set (Japanese: ウイニングバード フォーミュラー クリヤーボディセット, Uiningu Bādo Fōmyurā Kuriyā Bodi Setto) is a Mini 4WD body set released by Tamiya in 1990.

Tamiya would later release the newer version of the same body set with polycarbonate material in October 10, 2016.

General info

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The Formula body set was based on the Winning Bird, but lacks the damper props.

The bodyshell was made of clear thin plastic with plastic mounting attached, meaning it can be painted in any color with spray paint (Usually the special paints for polycarbonate). The preferred color of the bodyshell is red, and has the clear-type decals that has yellow highlights with black trims. It has the car number 02-F.

Assembling the bodyshell can be difficult to beginners since cutting is also required.

Eariler versions of the body set uses polyethylene terephthalate plastic as the bodyshell's main material, meaning they are fragile and prones to being cut open accidentally.

The bodyshell is compatible with Type-1, Type-2, Type-3, Type-4, Type-5, Zero, Super-1, Super TZ, VS, Super TZ-X and Super-II Chassis.

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