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The ZEN-Tuned Motor (Japanese: ZENチューンモーター, Zen Chūn Mōtā) is a limited edition Mini 4WD motor manufactured by Mabuchi Motor and released by Tamiya in 1992. Its name is a wordplay on '前' ('Zen', can also pronounce as 'Mae'), taken from former Tamiya employee Yasuyuki Maeda, whose nickname is Mae-chan.

It was originally released as a Grade-Up Parts for the Mini-F series.

General info

The ZEN-Tuned Motor has the black endbell cap and metallic metal housing.

Performance-wise, this motor is speed-focused, with the revving performance that is comparable to the Mach-Dash Motor. However, its biggest weak point is its extremely low torque performance, meaning it is not suitable for Mini 4WD cars equipped with large-diameter wheels and tires, and not suitable to use in circuits that demands higher acceleration (which in turn requires higher torque). Power consumption is similar to the Mach-Dash Motor.

Unlike the Turbo-Dash Motor whose performance is similar and has the carbon brushes, the ZEN-Tuned Motor has the copper brushes.

As the motor has been discontinued for quite a long time due to it's limited edition status as a GUP, it cannot be used in Tamiya-sponsored race tournaments.

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